Internship Programme - 5 November to 31 March, 2023

The Research Centre for Eastern and North Eastern Regional Studies, Kolkata (CENERS-K). announces its Internship Programme 2023 for university students and researchers in Indian Studies and International Relations, from 5 November until 31 March,2023. The programme will be conducted in English remotely on virtual basis using email, Whatsapp & Google Meet or Zoom platforms. Applicants from second year undergraduate until doctoral levels may write and email an application in English, by 31 December 2022, to giving their full name, date of birth, present postal address, email id, Whatsapp number, affiliating university/institution details, if any, and areas of research interest, along with an abstract of 300 words outlining the research paper that they may wish to write during the internship. Applicants selected will be informed by 15 January, 2023. They must, before commencement of the Programme, pay to CENERS-K a non-refundable sum of Indian Rupees 5000=00 (Rs five thousand only ) by NEFT into its Savings Bank A/c No. 6103149326 at State Bank of India, Survey Park Branch, Kolkata-700075,W Bengal, India. IFSC Code SBIN0018124,SWIFT Code SBININBB.

The Programme will aim to help Interns undertake focused research, under the guidance of mentors with experience and domain expertise, by drafting and finalising an original paper of 3000-5000 words in English, over a period of four weeks. The best papers selected by a CENERS-K panel will be considered for publication in the CENERS-K quarterly journal, the Calcutta Journal of Global Affairs,( which is approved by UGC and included in its CARE list. Applicants will also receive Certificates of Internship and of merit.

The Programme focuses on Eastern & North Eastern States of India, and U.T of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It seeks studies on eastern and north-east Indian issues, national and state government level Governance, policy reform, administration, management and leadership, economic, developmental, trade and cultural studies, energy, environment & climate change, Global Warming, Water security, the study of Turbulence, Development, Peace and Security in the Eastern Hemisphere, etc. The area of international interest covers international and strategic affairs, foreign policy in all of Asia, esp. South and South East Asia, PR China, littoral countries of Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal, BIMSTEC,BBIN,SAARC,ASEAN, IOR, SCO, Indo-Pacific etc.. Within India,. Its objective is to produce studies that may be beneficial and useful for policymaking at national and State levels.

The Research Centre for Eastern and North Eastern Regional Studies, Kolkata (CENERS-K) founded by Gen. S. Roychoudhury in 2007-08 is a non-funded, not for profit and tax exempt organization. It is a registered as a Think Tank by NITI AYOG and Nett Assessment Cell at New Delhi. Tax exemptions can be claimed under IT Act Sec 80-G for monetary contributions by Indian nationals to CENERS-K. It has run internship programs for university students and arranged events in conjunction with other Indian and foreign Think Tanks and Chambers of Commerce at Kolkata. It has also held Seminars in the North East under the aegis of MHA and MEA (ICWA), and NE State Govts, on request from respective CMs. Foreign delegations from USA, China, Japan and ASEAN nations seek us out for round table interactions when they are in Kolkata.